• Tina

    Hot n spicy pita chips are my favorite snack in the world!! I buy them at local store. Lately, everytime i go to get some they are out of that flavor. Where else can i buy them? I get very angry when i cant have my pita chips!!

  • Claire

    What stores in my area carry Pita Krunch Zaatar chips? I used to live in Cincinnati and LOVED these, trying to find a distributor near me!

  • Jack

    I would love to order cases of your wonderful pita ships. I live in Tennessee and we love your chips.

  • Rachel

    We LOVE Pita Krunch Sea Salt. They disappear faster than potato chips at our house.

  • Wendy

    My spouse and I are so addicted to your Pita Krunchs, that we drive 20 miles through city traffic to get to the two stores we know have the.

  • Andrew

    Are your products sold anywhere in thr Syracuse, New York area. I bought them in Michigan and loved them!!!

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    Pita Krunch, Inc
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    Office: 419-242-4555
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  • Email: info@pitakrunch.com

  • Testimonials

    What a great and healthy snack!

  • I love Pita Krunch. The BBQ Pita chips taste fantastic and I love having them with the "Feta Cheese and Olive Dip".
  • What a perfect party snack!

- Anne Donaldson